About Bhikari Chic

•     What is Bhikari chic?

We are a fashion brand and we love making casual designerwear. Bhikari chic was conceived of a single thought. Making fashion of  what is not. And that is what our T-shirts are all about. They are our every day. From our eclectic designs, to the quirky and sometimes self deprecating slogans, 'BC' is the new In.

•     How do I pronounce Bhikari chic?          

Bhikari (pronounced bh-ik-aa-ree), literally meaning beggar.Chic (pronounced "sheek"), meaning 'stylish' or 'smart', is an element of fashion and the counterpart of posh.

•     What makes bhikari chic t-shirts so chic?

We at bhikari chic believe in giving you the best product possible. Our T-shirts are 100% cotton and adorned with high quality direct screen prints. Our Tees suit and fit all body types. But most important are our designs, in which we take great pride. They are innovative, original and constantly evolving. We consciously aim to never ‘borrow’ concepts, which is why we can make claims of artistic exclusivity. The effort that is put into each design, printed on every individual shirt is reflected in the final product.

•     How can I submit my design?

Send us your designs at mangu@bhikarichic.com if we like any we will print them and there will a cash prize with it.

•     Are there any job openings at bhikari chic?

If you would like to apply for any job post to bhikari chic, please do drop a mail to contact@bhikarichic.com     

Bhikari Chic T-shirts

•      Fabric, printing and size details

Fabric: We use the highest quality of 100% super-combed cotton with bio-wash. The fabric goes through a variety of treatments and we guarantee color fastness and shrinkage within acceptable international norms.      

Printing: We use high quality direct screen printing with water soluble inks. All printing techniques used are environmental friendly. Yeah, we love the planet! 

Size: we adhere to standard industry sizes.

•      How should I wash my bhikari chic t-shirt?  

Ideally, wash separately in a bucket, in cold water. For detailed washcare instructions click on the washcare button under the BUY NOW button on the product page. Please use only gentle and refined detergents only. After washing, do not wring forcefully.

•      How do I iron my bhikari chic t-shirt?  

The best way to iron it is inside-out. For detailed washcare instructions click on the washcare button under the BUY NOW button on the product page.

Returns / Cancellation Policy

•      What is your returns policy?

If you receive a damaged piece, don't even think twice before sending it back. Just drop us a mail at contact@bhikarchic.com and SHIP IT TO US WITHIN 12 WORKING DAYS. Also let us know your choice of design/size for replacement, or if you are looking for a refund. Please make sure you don't tear it, wear it, soil it, or rip out the tag / packaging.


•      How can I place my order on bhikarichic.com?  

1. BROWSE- through the products currently available in the guys/girls section. You could also search for specific tees by any tag associated with that tee.

2. BUY NOW-Once you find the tee you want, click on the view icon for the size of the tee. When you have found your desired size, please select the quantity and click the “buy now” button. This will direct you to your shopping cart/Your Potli pop-up window.  

3. MT POTLI- Once the Potli pop-up window appears you can either click on the continue shopping button on the left hand corner to browse our collection or you click on the checkout button to complete the process of buying the product(s).
4. LOGIN-You will then be redirected to the login page. If you have already logged in then you will be taken straight to the checkout page. If you are not logged in and are a member then you can log in on the page itself. If you are not a member you have two options: 1.You can join us by clicking on the 'Join Us' button (you avail exclusive member discounts). 2.You can checkout as guest.  

5. SUMMARY- After you have finished the login process you will be redirected to your order summary where you can review your order.

 ADDRESS- After you proceed from your order summary you will come to the address page where you select the address.
If you are a guest then please fill in your shippin/billing details to proceed.
7. PAYMENT- Next you will proceed to payment page where you click on the PAY button to pay via netbanking/debit/credit card. Once you click on the pay button you will be redirected to CCAVENUE secure payment gateway where you can complete the transaction. Once you complete the payment process you will be redirected to the website and you can download your order summary and continue shopping!

•      How do I send my order as a gift?   

To send a product as a gift, proceed to checkout as mentioned above. Once you get to the address page you will be asked to select your default shipping address. Instead you click on the send as gift option where you can also send a privated message to the friend you are sending it to.
Bulk Orders

•      What are the discounts provided by bhikarichic for bulk orders?  

Corporate gifting  
If you wish to buy bhikarichic merchandise as gifts for your institute, company or organization, please drop us an email at contact@bhikarichic.com with the requirements and we will get back with a quotation within 24 hours.  
Friends and family 
If you are one of the many bhikarichic lovers and want to buy a big bunch of Tees, you get a discount. If you order more than 12 T-shirts, you get a 10% discount. You just need to drop us an email at contact@bhikarichic.com with the names of the t-shirts you want, the sizes you need and we will call you with details of how you can buy them.

Privacy policy

•     How secure are online payment on this site?   

Absolutely! Any personal information given to us (www.bhikarichic.com) will be protected. Your information will never be disclosed to any third parties. bhikarichic.com's server secures your personal information with up-to-date firewall and encryption techniques during the ordering process. bhikari chic does not store your credit card or online bank account information at any time. For any query mail us at contact@bhikarichic.com or call us at +91 9953089003  

•      My order has failed but my money has been debited from my account. What should I do?

Firstly, confirm with your bank that the amount has been deducted, if it has just drop a mail to contact@bhikarichic.com or call us at +919953089003 and we will ensure that you get every penny back!


•      What are the Delivery charges to my location?

Within India anywhere we have Free Shipping. For shipping charges anywhere outside India please contact customer support at contact@bhikarichic.com or call us at  +91 9953089003

•      How Bhikari chic decides shipping charges for bulk orders?

For bulk orders, we will look for the most efficient mode of transport and charge our customers only for the minimum fare applicable from our courier partners. In case of an urgent shipment, where our customer requires immediate 'by air' dispatch, we would quote the rate depending on the location where delivery has to be made. In either case, depending on the location of the customer and the urgency of the shipment, we would work out the best shipment rates available and charge our customers only those.

•      How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Orders are delivered within 10 to 12 working days.
•      Force Majeure


Bhikari Chic is not responsible for any delay/failure of order in case of a natural calamity or an unavoidable incident.


Payment Methods

•     Your ATM Card!

Now pay through your debit card. Bhikarichic.com takes you to a secure bank payment gateway to make sure your information is not misused in anyway

•     Your credit card

Now pay through your debit card. Bhikarichic.com takes you to a secure bank payment gateway to make sure your information is not misused in anyway

•     Net banking

Transfer money through your netbanking enabled account.